Restoring and


Restoring a World War II Telephone

I am Vince and I like anything to do with making or repairing all sorts of things. My current project at the Shed is to restore a World War II British army field telephone which I bought on eBay.  This is a project which has been half started and stalled for several years because of other priorities.  When I heard about the Men's Shed, I decided that this would be an ideal opportunity just to set aside a few hours each week and complete the project.

So far, I have tested out the phone, converted it for modern batteries [because the original type is no longer made] and replaced the microphone. And I have succeeded in making it work with a German army field telephone, which is the other one in my collection. It still needs a good clean out to free up

internal switches and unfortunately, due to the age of the instrument, some of the insulation on the wiring is crumbling, so I am replacing this at the Shed.  As it happens, another member knows how to do laced wiring, so I have an opportunity to learn a new skill and do the restoration to a much higher


When Ken, John and Gary were planning Desborough Men's Shed, they probably did not put telephone restoration on the first page of their list of possible activities.  But, alongside many other possible art, craft and hobby activities, the Shed is flexible enough to accommodate my current project.  As the Shed grows, I am sure that we will find more and more that for most craft skills known to man, there will be someone who knows something about it.

If there is any project you have been wanting to undertake and you don't seem to have either the time or a big enough share of the space on the kitchen table to start it [or even finish it], just put aside some time each week to come along to the Shed and make progress on your project.

If you'd like to get involved or just find out more email  or call 01536 738108.

DESBOROUGH MEN'S SHED ASSOCIATION is a charity and it has been entered onto the English Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1172280