Archery at

the Shed

How about trying out Archery?

Archery is a sport and hobby which has a wide range of interesting areas.  The obvious part is actualy shooting arrows at targets.  However, it also includes such aspects as arrow building, bow making and leathercraft. The leathercraft is for archery accessories such as quivers (the pouch that holds the arrows), shooting gloves, bracers (arm guard) and finger tabs (the bit you pull the string with).

Desborough Men's Shed has "in house" expertise to provide guidance and instruction in all aspects of archery.   We have a member who is a GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) member of many years and has shot all types of bow competitively. Whilst it is not possible to actually shoot arrows in or around the mens shed, all other activities as mentioned can be undertaken safely within the workshop or hobby room areas.

For those who would like to take it further and learn to shoot, arrangements can be made to take part in a beginners course at our local archery club in Desborough (Targetcraft Archers).  It is even possible to have a brief 1 or 2 hour "taster" session with all equipment provided and under the supervision and guidance of our resident archer.  This would be at the Targetcraft shooting ground near the West Lodge rural centre in Desborough.  A small fee would be charged by Targetcraft for these sessions to cover equipment and target use (currently £5).

If you'd like to get involved or just find out more email  or call 01536 738108.

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